Coupeville is Practically Magic

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Welcome to Coupeville, the film home of Practical Magic!

Welcome to Coupeville, the film home of Practical Magic!

This 1998 film prominently features historic Downtown Coupeville shops and Front Street. While the buildings were whitewashed for the movie and then returned to their original colors later, it’s a popular place to visit for lovers of the Sandra Bullock and Nicole Kidman film.

We’ve brought together all the best news, stories, photos, and a self-guided walking tour. Stop by the Coupeville Visitors Information Center for an up-close look at some of the props and memorabilia from filming.

Walking Tour

This guide uses the address numbers of the buildings on Front Street as the guide. The tour starts at the corner of Front & Main Streets and continues South. Even number buildings are on the water side, while odd number buildings are on the town side.

1 – The 1890 Glenwood Hotel, the home of McPherson & McPherson PLLP, Attorneys at Law, can be seen in the movie with the current name and a fresh coat of white paint at 26:27.

2 – The Puget Race Drugstore building (1890) is now the home of Aqua Gifts. The façade was painted white and barely appears in the movie.

4 – The Sedge Building (1871), which is the Little Red Hen Bakery today was the Sally’s Verbena Botanicals shop. The building was used for both interior and exterior shots from 25:58 – 26:20 and 1:02:40.

5 – The 1864 John Robertson House is now home to the Seaside Spa and can be seen in the movie as the children are crossing the street at 26:29. It was one of the few buildings not painted white for the movie.

6 – The white picket fence between Toby’s and Little Red Hen Bakery was constructed for the movie and remains today. It can be seen in the movie at 15:11& 25:40.

7- Not visible in the movie.

8 – The Whidbey Cash and Carry building (c.1875) that has been Toby’s Tavern since 1938 was the “Catch and Fry” shop and had a large 2-story façade built as seen in the movie at 15:24 and 44:36.

9 – The Penn Cove Gallery now sits on the corner of Grace and Front where there was an empty lot that was used for the Farmer’s Market in the movie at 11:20, 12:49, 1:01:58, etc. The market included local produce from nearby farms and Penn Cove Shellfish donated seafood.

10 – The 1866 John Robertson’s Store can be seen with a fresh coat of white paint in the movie, but otherwise unmodified from its historic look. Recently the building has undergone extensive remodeling and now houses the Laughing Admiral.

11 – A false front (facade) was built for the movie over the concrete block structure of the 1838 Post Office building. In the movie this was The Speckled Hen Grocery. The wooden façade remains today as the front of the Touch of Dutch shop.

12 – The 1886 Coupeville Cash Store had a fresh coat of white paint and was fitted with some new white pillars supporting the overhang for the movie. It can be seen in the movie as the bicycle racers speed by at 16:19. Today, the shop houses Sea Bre’s Yarn.

13 – Another white, 2-story façade was built for the movie over the front of the modern Ursula Building (Madrona Blossom shop). Seen in the movie at 1:16:04.

15 – The 1883 Elkhorn Saloon, now the Elkhorn Trading Company appears in the film without any changes except for white paint. It can be seen at 1:16:08.

16 – Lesher’s Hardware Store was played in the movie by the 1916 Benson Confectionery building, which is now home to Kingfisher Books. The building was unmodified for the movie and was one of a few not painted white.

17 – The small 1909 Judge Lester Still Law Office (Briggs Shore Ceramics) is the local barber shop in the film as Sally and Gary walk past at 1:16:04.

19 – The 1906 Island County Times building, now the Jan McGregor Studio, appears in the film without any changes except for white paint. It can be seen at 1:15:54.

21 – The 1890 Island County Abstract Office that is now the home of Kapaw’s Iskreme shop appears with the hanging Ice Cream sign (1:15:52) that was built as a movie prop and still remains on the shop today.

22 – The 1897 Terry/Gillespie Livery building and the front patio that is today the Vail Wine Shop, served as the Maria’s Island, MA Post Office in the movie at 10:00.

26 – The historic wharf as seen in the movie at about 1:20:12 as Sally ascends the trail to the Owen’s House.

* – The trail that seems to lead to the Owens’ House. You’ll see Sally running down this hill to town in the movie at 12:10 and up the hill back home at 1:20:01. The trail up the hill is now the trail to the Town Park and passes in front of the Island County Museum and the Condos that were built since the movie was filmed.

Download a PDF walking guide by clicking on the map above.

Where is the majestic Owen's House?

Nowhere to be found. The house was a shell of a building used only for the movie. It was built in a county park on San Juan Island and torn down after filming was complete.